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Re: Shargio

Postby lbs » Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:31 am

I took a look at the picture of it at Other than the paint job and a black instead of chrome crank handle, it appears to be an identical clone of the Laramie Shoot-O-Matic that I just bought (or vice versa).

There's an Oasis Hardware sticker on one of the moving parts inside my Laramie, which pretty much clinches it.
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Re: Shargio

Postby webslave » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:36 am

I broke my Shargio ! Looking for parts but getting nowhere!
Anyone know of any info where I can order parts ?


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Re: Shargio

Postby DougE » Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:06 pm

Looks like the Top-O-Matic T-2 uses the same style cam, but I won't swear that the specs are the same. Most of these guys copy off each other so a lot of the time parts from one will work in another.

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Re: Shargio

Postby webslave » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:34 pm

Big Thanks DougE, and yes it does look close enough to the cam I broke "0017" unlike the cam on a regular TOM w/ handle.
Looking now to get other items I may need in the future.

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Re: Shargio

Postby webslave » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:44 pm

Went ahead and ordered the part.
Will take better care of the machine when fixed and not take my anger out on it when it jams! The chamber needs to be under-filled compared to a TOM.
Thanks again DougE

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Tempermental and not well made.

Postby Derwoodski » Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:59 pm

Hi All, new here on the forum...and ironically, I found this forum because I was having issues with my Shargio Cig-O-Matic :wall:

The Shargio was my fledgling venture into MYO, and while it worked well enough to get me started, working with the machine was not a pleasant experience. It seemed to be terribly finicky about tobacco, a tich to much and it jammed, too little and it would underfill with bad filter gaps. Any hint of shake in the mix and it would jam. In its short lifetime of about 6 weeks, I ran about 3 lbs of tobacco thru it, mostly The Good Stuff Menthol, and Menthol gold in Gambler, Tube-Cut, and Shargio tubes. Last Saturday I had sat down to replenish my stock of smokes (I had been busy and ran out) struggle thru about a half dozen...jammed twice (stop, clear the plug, shake out the machine, and start over...frustrating) and on smoke #7 I felt it start to jam then something gave way...and no smoke #7. A quick inspection revealed a tab on the cam had snapped off (picture attached), instantly halting my stuffing session. I bundled up the machine and headed over to my local B&M Tobacco shop as this was still a pretty recent purchase. The clerk was very helpful, and instructed me to send the machine in to the manu, with the caution that there would be a $20 charge for any repairs, plus shipping...hmm, the machine only cost $29. At this point I had already found this forum and had been lurking in the Crank Machines postings and figured I could probably fix it myself for substantially less cost. I asked the clerk at the Tobacco shop what she would recommend for a replacement/spare and she instantly recommended the Top-O-Matic, which was only $10 more than the Shargio that was out of stock. I stocked up on supplies and headed home armed with the TOM and the busted Shargio. As I write this today, I don't think I will fix the Shargio. The difference in the two machines was like night and day. The TOM was smoother, never jammed once, and seemed to take anything I stuffed into the chamber and make a perfect smoke out of it. Pounded out about a cartons worth of smoke without 1 jam, underfill or filter gap. Being fair to the Shargio, It may be a lemon, but other reviews have echoed the experience I have had with it. I may, just for the experiment of fiddling, order a new cam and see if I can whip the Shargio into shape, but after the experience with the TOM, its best just may not be good enough to compare. I wish I had found this forum prior to my purchase of the Shargio, but it was at least a learning experience.

Happy RYOer again!


PS. Favorite smoke (so far) TGS Menthol Gold in Shargio Green tubes...similar but superior to a Camel menthol silver. Cost per pack figuring in for 2 machines and approx 1600 cigs: $1:91 = Happy Darren :hand:

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Re: Shargio

Postby wayne-n-nc » Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:29 pm

DougE wrote:
mrnjlw1090 wrote:
rwagner66 wrote: It overfills king size because it does not have a baffle plate on the chamber, like TOM.

Overfilling kings is not a bad thing, it has to do with how long the filter is you are using, how much tobacco is in the chamber, the cut, and the teeth on the spoon. The teeth do drag the tobacco back out a little bit, but not really noticeable. I know most people--including myself--would rather overfill tubes and clip or pinch off the extra tobacco. Plus that's what packing/tapping is for--to get all that overhang into the tube.

Truer words can't be spoken, I'd much rather have to clip a little off than have an under filled stick. I keep a small pair of scissors on my matic-mate just for such occasions.

I second that...I am 'overfilling' my kings and dealing with the 'carrot top', and simply pinching off the excess, though I suppose a sissor would do a better job. I have several pairs of fly-tying scissors lying about, plus the scissors on my Swiss Army Knife, so that is the not the problem... I'm on the klutzy side, more than a little bit, so I'm not sure I want to keep track of something else though.
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